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Trumps’ Allegations to Biden, ‘he’s Been Controlled by the People in the Dark Shadows’

Allegations to Biden: On Monday, in a recent interview with Fox News host, Laura Ingraham asked Trump about Biden.President Donald Trump alleged in that interview that a group of people from the ‘dark shadows’ are controlling Joe Biden. Trump added, “People that you’ve never heard of, people that are in the dark shadows.”

It seems like Trump is aiding to a new conspiracy theory, and hearing that Ingraham questioned his intentions?

Trump said, “People that you haven’t heard of. They’re people that are on the streets; they’re people that are controlling the streets.”

Trump made it clear that bad people from the ‘dark shadows’ control Biden and his democratic presidency. 

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Allegations to Biden
Allegations to Biden

There is no such evidence to the President’s allegations and claims. He said there was an organized plot against the Republican National Convention last week, and claims someone boarded a plane from ‘a certain city.’

Trump further added that ‘this plane was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear, and that.’

President continued that those on the plane were coming from ‘a particular city, and this person was coming to the Convention. There were like seven people like this one person, and rest many were on the plane to do good ‘damage.’ He mentioned that investigations are going on, so he can’t disclose further. 

Ingraham asked Trump how this money ‘coming from somewhere’ tracked. To this, he replied that some stupid rich people were behind this, but they have no idea what that their plans will never succeed. Trump said that he would be throwing these people to the wolves when obtained, like never before. 

Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates responded to Trump saying, President’s allegations are bizarre. His supporters are committing heinous crimes.

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