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Trump’s Supporter Feels Violated After Trio Sprays Paints BLM

Source: CBS Denver

“I Feel Violated”- Trump’s Supporter after Trio Paints BLM

Trump’s Supporter Feels Violated After Trio Sprays Paints BLM: A group of teenagers attacked a home in Denver’s Crestmoor. The homeowner put up yard signs in favour of President Donald Trump. Security videos showed three individuals did the painting. They were girls who painted the road in front of the home.

Girls painted messages in support of Black Lives Matter, and Joe Biden‘s campaign was painted on the road.

β€œI feel violated,” said the homeowner, who wishes not to be identified publicly.

The vandals did spray in the middle of the afternoon. The neighbours and even the mailman passed by without stopping them. The trio spray painted the messages. Nevertheless, they left messages of support for Biden and BLM directly in front of his house on the lane.

Vandalizing In Name Of Support Is Not Right

Source: CBS Denver

β€œI saw the writing on the street,” the homeowner told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas. β€œThree suspects, spray painting in the middle of daylight.”

In his yard, the homeowner has two marks. One supports the re-election bid of Trump. The other reads “Our Lives Matter.”

Police were informed about the incident. The homeowner felt threatened for his political views,
The homeowner said that he was okay with those that did not agree with him. He hoped that the parents of those who painted the roadway would clarify to their kids why vandalizing or attacking property only over political differences is not okay.

β€œI was actually shocked. They look like three young teenage girls,” the homeowner said. β€œOther people can express their opinions, but I can’t? I don’t go to others and violate them, or spray paint or do whatever to their signs, houses or streets.”

β€œA lot of people are scared to voice their opinions,” the man said. β€œI truly want an apology from these three young girls. Express your feelings. Express your thoughts and beliefs. Don’t damage any property, hurt anybody. Don’t do anything like that.”

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