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Trump’s Visit To DMZ Makes Him The Only US President To Set Foot In Korea!

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Trump’s Visit To DMZ Makes Him The Only US President To Set Foot In Korea!: In late 2017, President Donald Trump “kissed Melania goodbye” before his first aborted visit to Kim-Jong-un and the inter-Korean DMZ. He feared that he might not return home.

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These are claims by Bob Woodward, a Washington Post journalist. Woodward is soon going to release the book ‘Rage.’ He has interviewed President Trump 18 times ahead of its release.

The book ‘Rage’ claims that Trump believed he might not return from the heavily fortified border. Due to bad weather, he had to abort his visit, forcing him to return to safety.

According to the excerpts from the book ‘Rage’ seen by South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, the claim is that Trump kissed his wife goodbye before leaving for the trip.

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Trump said he got up in the morning, kissed the First Lady Melania Trump, and told her goodbye. He said he might not see her again, as he may not return from his trip.

Trump added:

“I’m not worried about myself. If something were to happen to the United States president, it would be the worst thing that could happen to us as a country.”

All these claims are according to the book that is going to release on Tuesday.

The commander of U.S. Forces Korea, General Vincent Brooks, said there was no intelligence to suggest that North Korea was aware of Trump’s visit to the Joint Security Area, also known as Panmunjom, inside the DMZ.

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At that time, the failed attempt to visit the DMZ got documented. South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in planned to join Trump but failed because of the same reasons.

According to Woodward, Trump thought aborting the mission would make him look weak. But due to safety reasons, he had to take that decision.

Eventually, after 18 months, in June 2019, Trump successfully made it to the DMZ. He was greeted well by North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un. It made Trump the first U.S. President to set foot in the country.

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