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Tulsa City Council Approves Removal Of “BLACK LIVES MATTER” Mural!


Tulsa City Council Approves Removal Of “BLACK LIVES MATTER” Mural!: The community leaders of Tulsa have voted to remove the Black lives Matters mural. The historic Greenwood District in Tulsa was once called “Black Wall Street.” The place thrived with hundreds of black-owned businesses.

A riot happened on 1st June 1921, which led to burning the whole area down. The riot injured and killed hundreds. It marked one of the worst racial massacres in the United States. In June, a group painted “Black Lives Matter” along the road without a permit.

Many members of the community made a demand that it should become a permanent fixture. Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum told the Chamber of Commerce to apply for a permit to keep the mural in place. The chamber said it did not pain the mural as they do not own the revenue.

The camber released a statement demanding that the City of Tulsa do not remove the writing. It is the right message to have after the 1921 massacre. Tulsa City Council Kara Joy Mckee wishes the mural should be there as it brings attention to its history. The council voted to remove the panel in 8-1 vote. Reportedly, authorities will remove it in October.


Black Lives Matter Mural

Councilor says that there is an alternative plan to find another place to paint. They called it more of a moving rather than removal.

“We’re going to find another place for this on Black Wall Street, and we’re going to continue working to heal the racial divisions in Tulsa,”

She said they created the mural in late June.

She mentioned there are many offers for the new location and there is a hope that they will replace it early. Robert Turner, Vernon AME church was not happy with the decision.

“Personally I see no reason why it ever should have been brought up to remove it. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all,”

Said Mike Connell.

The ongoing debate ended with the removal of the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” mural.





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