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Twitter Bans Tweets Expressing Hatred Towards Donald Trump! What Is TREASON?

Twitter Bans Tweets Expressing Hatred for Trump
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Twitter Bans Tweets Expressing Hatred Towards Donald Trump! What Is TREASON?: Amid Coronavirus pandemic, Trump is all set to mark a big win this year is what Trump Supporters believe. However, the President has not dont any wonders, yet instead, the citizens are being Deprived of many basics. The current COVID-19 situation is all in front of us, and we must be smart enough to calculate Trump’s Power. Hate it or love it, Trump has been more like a burden. On the U.S and its citizens.

Highlighting the recent Action of Twitter, it is confirmed that the President has enough funds for a bribe. Twitter has been an excellent platform for celebs and Descents, but it’s restricting its audience to expresses their hate for someone like Donald Trump. Well, You might be wondering what the news is all about, hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about it.

Twitter Bans Tweets Expressing Hatred for Trump

Twitter Bans Tweets Expressing Hatred for Trump
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As I already mentioned above, Twitter is indeed the safest and most prominent platform for an account holder to express their views. But Our very dear President Trump has Proved the Belief Wrong. The Twitter official Tweeted:

“Our policies — which apply to everyone, everywhere — are clear: We do not authorize content that wishes, hopes or expresses hope for death, serious bodily harm or deadly disease against an individual or group of people. If we identify accounts that violate these rules, we will take spur action.”

Democratic CongressWomen Take Actions

Democratic CongressWomen Take Actions

Democratic Congresswomen Politically Known as ‘The Squad’ Condemns Twitter’s questionable Action. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota Dont agree with the same. As a result, the democrat’s Action has not profited them. ‘The Squad’ Remains CriticizedCriticized for their disbelief against the Twitter community. Moreover, the Democratic Congresswomen has been facing online abuse and death threats. As a result, All four tweeted about the issue and demands for justification.

Tweeps Mocks Congreewomen On Twitter

Tweeps Mocks Congreewomen On Twitter
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Where there is Trump? There are his supports. Twitter has become a place for abusing and criticising the truth. Undoubtedly many tweeps reacted towards Congresswomen Tweets saying they must die. Furthermore, a Tweeps responded tweeting:

“I hope you all hang for TREASON!” Where a random person Tweeted ” You ‘The Squad’ Are shame for our nation!”

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