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Twitter Hoaxes Reach New Levels As Users Say Shane Dawson Is Dead!

Shane Dawson in Escape The Night
via Escape The Night Wiki- Fandom

Twitter Hoaxes Reach New Levels As Users Say Shane Dawson Is Dead!:Β Twitter hoaxes are a way of catching us with its bizarre statements. One such statement that recently stirred up controversy was a hoax claiming Shane Dawson is dead.

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This hoax named as #ripshane became a top trend on Twitter. However, according to Shane’s representatives, he is very much alive.

Nevertheless, let us get into the details of this twitter controversy.

Is Shane Dead?

Well no, physically, Shane is not dead. However, RIP Shane can be a metaphor for his career going downhill. TMZ is usually the first ones to report any celebrity news, including deaths. Earlier this year, the TMZ broke the news of Kobe Bryant’s death at first, and then notified his family.

So, the point is, a parody account masquerading as TMZ said:

“American YouTuber Shane Dawson Dead at 32 #ripshane.”

Shane during his Instagram Live
via The US Sun

While most users took it as a metaphor or a joke, some were unsure if Shane was dead yet. Adding to the fuel of Shane’s death, the account shared a Fake Tweet from YouTuber Jeffree Star. The tweet said:

“Hii. How are ya, except #ripshane.”

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A Metaphor?

Apart from the jokes, several people, who aren’t Shane’s fans were disgusted when fake rumours started spreading. One user said:

“I’m an outspoken criticizer of Shane Dawson, but this #ripshane tag is honestly horrible. Dislike Shane as much as you want but, you should NEVER joke about or fake someone’s death. Having lost people close to me, it makes my blood boil at some of the jokes being made.”

Shane Dawson in the frame
via Heavy.com

However, some people were so angry at Shane Dawson that they slammed the YouTuber with several RIP comments. One such user reminded when Shane took a jab at Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old Black teen who was shot by the Florida police in 2012. The user said:

“Ok so when Shane made fun of Trayvon Martin’s death, it was pushed to the side, and barely anyone talked about it. But when this trends everyone wants to rush to his defence f–k off #ripshane.”

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Shane Took Accountability

In case you’re living under a rock, you know about Shane’s ‘paedophilia.’ Right after videos of him inappropriately touching himself in front of the then 11-year-old Willow Smith resurfaced, fans have been calling him a sick paedophilic.

Moreover, his blackface in 2014 also stirred up controversy. Nevertheless, just hours after these incidents resurfaced, Shane, the YouTube megastar, lost several subscribers.

Within days after Shane taking accountability for his mistakes and justifying them as ‘my friends didn’t think they were wrong,’ YouTube demonetized him.

Anyway, that’s all about Shane’s alleged death. Let us know your views on this Twitter hoax and if you think it was a correct move or just an attempt to spread fake news.



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