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Twitter Offered Little In The Way Of Explanation As Trump Appears As The First Result When Users Type “Racist”!

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Well, here is the news. Also, Twitter knows who is the “racist” amongst us? Yeah, you guessed it right. He is none other than the famous (or otherwise) Mr. President Donald Trump. When users type racist in Twitter search, the first result to pop out is US president Donald Trump. The British news outlet ‘The Independent’ reported the resulting news, and AFP verified it. This happened on Wednesday and seems like people agreeing with the Twitter result.

Mr. Trump has more than 80 million followers on Twitter. Though there are disputes over if the followers are genuine or active human users, let’s keep this aside for now. Analysts said that the opponents of Mr. Trump leveling him as a racist. However, he didn’t respond to any of these comments or didn’t confirm the statement.

Twitter Racist

But his comments against the ongoing protest on Black Lives Matter movement are pretty controversial. He is facing criticism for the comments, and it straightly directed to his racist behavior.

Donald Trump On Response

In the process, Mr. Donald Trump called the social media platform “bias.” He also signed an executive order calling for more detailed oversight of internet platforms. But the order will face difficulty to enforce where the scale of the industry is huge and complicated.

Twitter Racist

Meanwhile, Twitter confirmed that the search might reflect the data on the happenings on the platform. And surely they are not “bias” to any public figure. Kjerstin Thorson, professor of politics at Michigan University, spoke about the matter. She said, “this could be an accurate representation of what people are saying” about Donald Trump. And “platforms have gone out there a way to avoid any appearance of bias.”

Greg Sterling, editor at Search Engine Land, called “many people using the words ‘racist’, ‘racism’ to respond to Donald Trump. Or there’s a concerted effort to associate Trump’s account with those words,” causing the result. Also, there is a chance to manipulate search results in this case.

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