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Twitter Reveleas- Hackers Downloaded Account Data Through The “Your Twitter Data” Feature.

Eight of the account were targeted with a massive hack

Twitter has been released clarification that eight twitter account data have been hacked by the hacker which is more concerning the issue of privacy.

India cybersecurity agency has been asking the twitter to submit all the data of recent incident which impacted citizen for further investigation. According to twitter hackers were targeting high-profiles for access to their account data. Many high profile victims have been targeted under this such as former US President Barack Obama, the country’s Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden as well as many corporate leaders including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Their sensitive data such as their phone number, direct messages, email id has been stolen.

Hackers interact with 130 accounts

Confirming with twitter out of 130 account hackers were attacked 45 accounts passwords were reset and hackers were also attempting to sell some of the usernames.
Hackers were also logged into the account and sent new tweets to promote their cryptocurrency scam. This also appears to affirm an earlier detail that came out when the @6 Twitter account was hacked and sold on the social media black market. Following such Hackers were able to change the email address related to account and turn off two factors authentication, they could change the password.

As the current bitcoin spam hack of high-profile confirmed accounts highlights Twitter’s security vulnerabilities, the company announced that the attackers skirted two-factor authentication on targetted accounts after they “successfully managed a small number of employees and used their credentials to locate Twitter’s inside systems.”

Twitter is now going to shut down all verified user’s ability to tweet to mitigate the further problem. A law enforcement agency is investigating such. On being the high publicize incident all over the world, all the eyes are on the twitter response.

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