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Twitter : Sharing Confidential Information Of Followers With Advertisers!

An entrance of the Twitter Office.

All my Twitter fans make some noise! In this age of dark humour, let’s have a look at some not-so-nice facts about this app. The world is crippling around us anyway but to learn something new about your daily life is not bad by itself.

The Highlight: Twitter

This app that we use every day for sharing some heartfelt moments in our life and also the joy of meme. A lot of really bu**hurt people are known for retweeting things and getting famous all over the world for their stupid opinions. In the midst of all this, have you ever felt like your information is being reserved?

The users need to be careful about their data hereafter.

I mean, they all have backups, but some of us genuinely won’t want our details to be unknowingly stocked. With the craze of the government and FBI watching you through your front camera, nobody is paranoia free.

The Obvious: Privacy Policies

Almost nobody goes through the privacy policies of Twitter. To be honest, it is a pretty dull thing to do. With an ample amount of time in our hands during quarantine, why don’t you just do that and enlighten yourself? Here are some necessary policies which are broken down into only a few points:

  • Twitter will store all the information that you provide it, including your age, language, the celebrities you follow, etc.
  • Your retweets are counted, and a specific algorithm calculates likes according to your likes. ( This is only done so that relevant content is provided to you).
  • You agree to these terms and conditions before you sign up ( your personal choice to not read it does not count here ).
  • You can mail them about any particular privacy policy here.

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Data security
The personal data are shared with advertisers from Twitter.

A Third Party

Twitter will review information about you as soon as you log into your account- your IP address, the type of device, and location ( if GPS is on ). However, except this, Twitter can also share some details about you with a third party. Mostly this is done for calculation purposes. Companies and firms like to know their popularity, goodwill, etc. This helps them undergo specific changes if required.

This most probably will not include your name. Nobody is coming after you if you close an advertisement because you ‘don’t like it’. This enables Twitter to know your personal preference too. So don’t be surprised the next time when you’re thinking about that KFC and it suddenly turns up as an ad!

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