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Twitteratis Call Out HYPOCRISY As Tiffany Trump Calling Joe Biden LIAR Backfires For Trump !

Tiffany and Joe
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Tiffany Trump Makes A Rare Political Appearance

Many people forget that Trump has a second daughter named Tiffany Trump. She is the daughter Trump had from his second wife Marla Maples. Everyone knows Trump’s daughter Ivanka as she has a strong political presence. Moreover, she is often under the spotlight as the advisor to Trump. However, the same is not the case with Tiffany. She has always kept a low profile. It came as a surprise when Tiffany made a speech for Donald at the Republican convention. She had kept herself out the last time her father contested and won the elections.

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Tiffany Trump Calls Joe Biden A Liar

Tiffany Trump’s involvement in this year’s elections is not just limited to the Republican convention. She extended her game to Twitter by taking jibes at Joe Biden. In her latest tweet, she criticizes Joe Biden and calls him a liar. However, people could not understand what she was referring to as her tweet was very general and vague. She tweeted, β€œPlease stop lying Joe. You may think we are too ignorant to see through the liesβ€” but God knows the truth.” Trump is surely getting support from all his family members and especially his children.

Twitteratis Call Out The Hypocrisy Of Tiffany Trump

Twitteratis were not impressed with the tweet from Tiffany as they couldn’t help but point out the irony and hypocrisy in Tiffany’s tweet. In the four years of his presidency, Trump is said to have said as many as 20,000 lies or misleading statements. This comes up to thirteen or fourteen lies a day as president. This just shows that Tiffany is ignoring the fact that Trump might be a bigger liar. However, Twitteratis made it a point to troll her and make her remember about this fact.

Tiffany and Joe
Source: News Raiser

What Was Tiffany Trump Referring To As Joe Biden’s Lie

Tiffany did not specify what the lie was that she was referring to in her tweet. It should probably be something from Joe’s latest speech. In that, he accuses Trump of fueling violence to give some extra life to his political career. This might probably be the β€˜lie’ that Tiffany was referring to.

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