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Twitter’s Blue Bird Changes Colour To Sombre Black Supporting The Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter is actually not a trend and not an aesthetic; it is a fact. Black lives always have a method in the past that will matter today and should continue to master even in the future after this movement is over.

This movement has been going on because some of the people of America think that black lives do not matter. Black does not mean African Americans but also the other people of color from all over the world who are living in America.

There have been going to a lot of terrible things in the past, including police brutality and White Supremacy. Both these things have combined in order to destroy the black community Shane their culture. And make them feel bad for skin color.

Twitter For BLM
Twitter For BLM

I think that George chloride has brought about the people to realize something has to be done.

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Twitter Taking A Stand

Twitter is also taking a stand against the death of George Floyd, which figures the entire black lives matter movement. I think this is absolutely correct to do as a responsible and worldwide app.

The first thing that the app did is change the color of its logo from blue to black. I think this was great because it would have been visible everywhere on everyone’s profile, which has a Twitter account.

It is great to spread the news about how series actual situation is and how everyone must be taking a stand against it.

Twitter Sombre Logo
Twitter Sombre Logo

Other Channels, Apps, And CelebritiesΒ 

Apart from Twitter, there have also been other apps and channels which have expressed their sorrow and participated in this movement. Almost every channel on American Television turned black and educated everyone on the topic.

Even a cartoon channel like Nick has been by this movement throughout. I think with the combined efforts, the people of America can achieve their goals.

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