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Two Men Arrested For Sexually Abusing A 3-Year-Old Girl

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Two Men Arrested For Sexually Abusing A 3-Year-Old Girl: Β Recently, two men aged 23 and 21, raped and killed a 3-year-old girl from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, India.

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The two accused men Ritesh Singh Dhurve, 23 and Dhanpal,21 were arrested. That is to say, let us get into the details of this horrific incident.

The Crime

Shashank Garg, the additional superintendent said:

“The girl was playing outside her house on 17th July when she was kidnapped.”

The authorities found her body at a nearby lake, and the autopsy revealed that she was raped.

Shashank Garg added:

“After investigations, we arrested Ritesh Singh Dhurve, 23 and Dhanpal 21, on Tuesday. The duo confessed to the crime.”

One of the accused allegedly lured the 3-year-old into giving her a Rs 10 note and took her to his house and raped her. The culprit mercilessly killed her and stuffed her body in a plastic bag.

Crime Scene
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To top this atrocity, they threw it in the Chhota Mahadev reservoir.

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The Culprits

Right after the girl’s parents realised that their daughter was missing, they started searching for her everywhere. Within three days, many people joined in on the search and eventually found the missing toddler.

They wanted to find her alive and well, instead they ended the search with the tragic discovery.

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When the autopsy report came out, the officials realised that the victim was gagged, and a cloth was tied around her face during the ordeal. The official cause of her death is via suffocation and trauma.

It did not take long for the authorities to discover suspects. Shortly after they found the victim’s body, the officials interrogated more than 300 people eventually closing up to two.

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Black Magic

In an attempt to thwart the investigation, two men, Ritesh and Dhanpal, spread rumours that someone sacrificed the kid in an attempt of a Black Magic ritual. But, fortunately, their filthy technique didn’t work and they were arrested, and later confessed to their crime.
While talking about the heinous crime, Chhindwara’s SP Vivek Agarwal said:
“They raped the child, killed her and disposed her body- all within one hour. They tried to misguide the police during the investigation and spread rumours that someone had sacrificed the girl for black magic.”
That being said, I hope the victim’s family heals from this tumultuous incident and the culprits get a death sentence.


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