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U.S. Bans Chinese Nationals! Suspends Visa For Chinese Students!

President Donald Trump to ban Visas for Chinese
President Donald Trump to ban Visas for Chinese

U.S. Bans Chinese Nationals! Suspends Visa For Chinese Students!: America is most likely to ban Chinese nationalist from the U.S.A. However, the reasons are many. China is already on the hit point of every nation. However, the U.S. is furious over china since the coronavirus outbreak.

The world witnesses China issues with India and Hong Kong. As a result, China has already degraded its image in the world. Anyway, let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about it.

The Relation Between The U.S. And China

President Donald Trump to ban Visas for Chinese
President Donald Trump to ban Visas for Chinese

The Sino-American connections get referred to as the relationship between China and U.S.A. Moreover, the relationship between the U.S.A. and China has never been positive. As a result, there has always been negativity and issues going on often. Despite tensions and disputes, China and the U.S.A. has a strong economy. Both the nations are said to be the world’s most crucial mutual relationship of the 21st century.

President Donald Trump To Ban Visas For Chinese Students

As the stress between America and China is increasing day by day president is all set to make a bold view. Not only the U.S.A. every nation blames china of the covid-19 outbreak. Countries believe that if China would have informed the WHO about the attack.

Everyone would have taken precautions earlier and would not be facing the consequences they are undergoing now. However, President Donald Trump arose an executive order for the suspending the visas for every Chinese students, postgraduates and practitioner.

Moreover, the U.S. government is making sure that no Chinese Visa shall revoke. As a result, this step will create other tensions and disputes amongst the two nations. The Republican senators are planning to introduce a bill for the same. As per the law, the account will ban Chinese nationals from studying subjects like math and engineering at the graduate level in the U.S.A.

America Can Face Consequences

China being the second economically strong nation, has put an offer for the America based organizations. China is likely to conduct surveillance to get the latest U.S. technologies at low rates. As a result, the movement will expose U.S. secrets and would affect the military too.

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