UAE Decides Emergency Approval Of COVID-19 Vaccine!

UAE Decides Emergency Approval Of COVID-19 Vaccine
Source: Al Jazeera


UAE Decides Emergency Approval Of COVID-19 Vaccine!: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to approve COVID-19 vaccine after six months of human trials.

Third Trial Of Vaccine Is Going On

Now, it has reached the third phase of the trial. The vaccine is by Sinopham company which is owned by China. The tests are going on since July and it still not completed.

National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority has said that the health workers will be vaccinated first because they have a higher risk of contracting virus. Coronavirus has affected everyone worldwide. As cases continue to escalate in the UAE, people suffer. For instance, on Saturday, 1,007 cases were reported.

Only Mild Side Effects Of Vaccine Are Noted

Emergency use of the vaccine is in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. People are in dire need of getting help. Many are losing their jobs. However, now more and more netizens are following the rules. Masks and sanitizers get used regularly to fight the virus. After getting tested on approx 31,000 people, the vaccine will be made available.

Although there were mild side effects of the vaccine as expected, they weren’t serious. It also includes people suffering from chronic illness.

The approval for the vaccine got granted in late June. One hundred per cent of testee developed antibodies within 28 days in the first and second round. The Abu Dhabi Government confirmed the news.

Effective Vaccine Is From Dead Virus Proteins

Centres for Disease Control has also revealed that inactivated viruses are useful for vaccines. They got made from the protein of viruses. Influenza and Measles got treated in the past like this.

In August, Russia approved a COVID-19 vaccine. It is the first country to grant vaccine approval just after two months of human trials.

So, it seems that the UAE vaccine will be available soon. But even after that, precautions must be taken. It is indeed a difficult time. However, life will be back to normal one day. Till then, we need to compromise and abide by the rules.

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