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Uber Africa Goes Ahead With Uber Cash!

Source: Techinasia

Uber Africa

Uber Africa is the African branch of the ride-hailing company Uber. The African branch of Uber is known for keeping pace with the changes in African countries. They are quick to update their technology to keep up with the changes in Africa as African nations have a very dynamic environment scarred with political and health problems. The ability of Uber Africa to adapt to these changes has got them success. Even though the pandemic has posed new challenges but the company is facing them head-on.

Source: Techinasia

Uber Africa Introduces Uber Cash

The African branch is not slowing down in any way and has launched Uber Cash. Uber Cash is the digital wallet of Uber and this feature will go live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover asΒ per the general manager Sub-Saharan Africa Alon Lits, this feature will cover African countries like South Africa, Kenya,Β  Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana, Ivory Coast and Tanzania. And He further explained the plan of Uber Africa saying, β€œDepending on the country, you’ve got different top-up methods available. For example, in Nigeria, you can use your Verve Card or mobile money. In Kenya, you can use M-Pesa and EFT and in South Africa, you can top up with EFT,”

Uber Africa Partners With Flutterwave

The company is launching the Uber Cash in partnership with Flutterwave. Flutterwave is a B2B payment gateway network which allows clients to customize payment applications. Uber Africa will also use this partnership to accept payments through Flutterwave’s Barter Payment app. However, this does not hinder customers from making payments through cash. Uber Cash will enable customers to pay more efficiently and will reduce the hiccups in payments. This is a very significant partnership considering the prevailing pandemic as people will now be looking forward to cashless and digital transactions.

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Effect Of Coronavirus On Uber Africa

Alon also shed some light on the effect of the pandemic. The services of the company did not stop in Africa except for a few places. β€œThe only places we ceased operations was where there were government directives,” Alon said. At a global level, the company has witnessed a 70 per cent decline in business but it remains optimistic about the future of the company. Uber had to fire many employees due to lack of revenue in the light of the ongoing pandemic.

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