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Uber Eats: Grocery Delivery Offers Reinforced During The COVID-19 Lockdown

Uber Eats
Uber Eats

This 2020 year is hard for everyone. The whole world is currently facing coronavirus pandemic. It’s time for a team-up and fights against this disaster. Currently, the whole world is facing lockdown. From a field worker to a super boss everyone is closed in his room. In this hard time, Uber comes to serve people. Uber Eats parent company Uber announced to deliver grocery during this COVID-19 lockdown. The report is here-

The COVID-19 Impact

People are locked in their homes. Social Distancing is a basic rule for safety from coronavirus. In this case to ensure that every individual has basic essentials. Though no one can suffer. Uber Eats comes forward to deliver these essentials products at the door of people.

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Uber Eats: Project DetailsΒ 

To deliver groceries Uber Eats join hands with famous supermarket chains and grocery stores. They announced that their drivers will deliver products with doorstep delivery services. They also announced security guidelines so they put drivers safety as priorities. Drivers get masks, gloves, sanitisers and training for safety periods. Uber announced this project in a worldwide model. They also deliver medical equipment to transport across the cities.

Uber Eats: How To Use This Feature

In order to use this service first, you have to install Uber Eats application or login in the site. Then allow GPS. Uber shows nearby grocery stores so you can put your order there. Your order is picked by Uber driver. First, he disinfects the whole order. After that, he takes an order to your door. He leaves your order outside your house. First, you take your order and disinfect that. Now it is ready to use.

As per not, Uber said they aren’t taking in kind of profit. All the delivery charges directly go to the delivery agent. Currently, this service is working from 11 am to 11 pm. It may take nearly 30 minutes for delivery. It’s available for the whole of April. Through this medium Uber is doing his part to fight this pandemic.

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