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UFC 249: Revealed – Connor McGregor Will Fight Ferguson

UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship has a Separate fan base. UFC 249 fight for UFC lightweight title suppose to have between Ferguson & Khabib on 18th April. The match has been called of foretime before because of Weight issues and injuries. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, it seems the battle is going to be postponed for the fifth time. Some sources revealed in UFC 249: – Connor McGregor Will Fight Ferguson.

Consequently, some more theories are coming up see here:-

Connor McGregor’S Entry (UFC 249)

Talking on social media ESPN’s journalist Ariel Helwani did a Twitter poll. Asking fans that Ferguson should fight Gaethje next or wait for the Khabib fight. While Connor’s Coach Kavanagh revealed, β€œMaybe there’s a third option…”. Since then, fans almost waiting for the battle between Connor Mcgregor and Ferguson.

UFC 249

But soon Kavanagh said that he is just trolling. As we know, McGregor is currently facing a travel ban on entering the US. It seems highly unlikely that the former lightweight champion would be able to ride for the fight. It may well be that Kavanagh is just trolling fans, but it will undoubtedly keep interest alive in the battle of UFC 249.

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Khabib Possibilities Of Availability (UFC 249)

According to reports, Khabib is stuck in Russia due to coronavirus lockdown. So there are severe chances that Khabib join the fight. Team Khabib tweets:-

β€œI am even hearing that they are looking for an opponent for Tony, because he is in the States and I am here in Russia. But I am here not on my own will.”

UFC 249

Tony Ferguson Tweet

In the meantime, Tony Ferguson is still hopeful of fighting Khabib. He claimed that he does not believe that Khabib can not travel. Ferguson is waiting for this fight since November. The way he replies of Khabib tweets seems he is well prepared and ready to knock down Khabib anytime.
UFC 249 Fan Theories

As soon as news of Khabib’s travel ban comes in public knowledge. MMA fanbase called for McGregor to step in for his arch-rival.

UFC 249

UFC president Dana White still wants to go ahead with this fight. He intends to conduct an event behind closed doors at some undisclosed location. So just wait & watch what news comes. Let’s see in UFC 249: Connor McGregor Will Fight Ferguson Or not.

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