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UK Set On Collision Course With China As It Takes On Bejing Over Hong Kong

UK vs China

UK Set On Collision Course With China: The UK and China relationship will face damages as the UK is taking on Bejing Over Hongkong. Prime minister Boris Johnson and his govt. Criticized Beijing’s planned imposition on Hong Kong. Also, it planned to exclude the Huwaei Technologies Co. from its 5G mobile networks.
The thing is China is planning to have a deal with European Union countries for future relations. But they didn’t take the risk to left the UK out of the list. So, to pursue its Brexit ambitions, China proposed to the UK on Jan 31. Suddenly, it became an overriding foreign policy priority for the UK govt.

UK vs China

Initially, Johnson govt approved the Huwaei technologies to supply parts for the UK’s 5G network. But since Coronavirus hit the UK, the govt became more skeptical about the policies towards China. The world is taking opposing behavior towards China, including the UK and its international allies. That directly affecting the Johnson govt to limit the Huwaei’s expansion role in Uk.

As for now, the UK has a second option for the 5G network expansion in the country. They approached the Japanese tech company NEC Corp. to provide the service for the 5G network. Also, they are looking forward to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. as an alternative option.

UK vs China

China’s Response

But China’s Hong Kong representative delivered a clear message for the UK to take its hands-off. Hong Kong WAS a colony for Britain, but it has no power to interfere after delivering it to China in 1997. China’s Ambassador to the UK warned the country not to interfere in internal affairs. “Hong Kong Affairs brook no external interference. Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.” He posted on Twitter.

Janka Oertel, Director of Asia Programmes at European Council of Foreign Relations, opens up about the matter in Berlin. He said the Europes concern over Hong Kong for china has “no problem in breaking the sino-British declaration.” It is “blatantly breaking it and thinking can get you away with it, and guess what they probably can.” China’s Ambassador to Italy Li Junhua said not to “underestimate the Chinese will on Hong Kong.”

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