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UK Woman Caught Up With 1.9 Million Pounds By The UK Border Force

UK Border Force

Women Tried To Fly With Huge Cash In 5 Bags

UK Woman Caught Up With 1.9 Million Pounds By The UK Border Force:Β UK Border Force caught the lady with five suitcases stuffed with notes. And that was amounting to be 1.9 million pounds. She was caught when she is trying to fly from London’s Heathrow Airport.Β  She was detected when she was attempting to board a flight to Dubai on Saturday. On Wednesday UK Border Drive mentioned that she imposes with a money laundering crime.

Money Laundering


Till now in 2020 there is going to be the most extensive detection at UK Border of $2.44 million. Proper investigation founds the woman to be guilty of such. As the officer found a huge amount of money from all the five suitcases.

About the woman?

Tara Hanlon, 30 years of age, was from Leeds in northern England. The UK Border Force stopped her on 3 October at 8 pm at the Airport Terminal 2.Β  Tara Hanlon along with the 28-year-old woman from Doncaster, also arrested. Later all the matter was taken to the National Crime Agency (NCA).

After she has appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on Monday, 5 October, and was remained in custody until her next appearance. Till 5 November she is kept at Isleworth Crown Court.

Money Laundering Act

Chris Philp, minister of Britain’s immigration, said that stopping the export of undeclared cash from the UK. Chris Philp, Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts said: “This is the largest individual cash seizure at the border so far in 2020 and I am delighted with the efforts of Border Force officers.”

Money laundering refers to be the illegal process of making money by criminal activity. Financial Conduct Authority is an authority for the regulation of money laundering in the UK. It also prepares an annual anti-money laundering reports. On 10 January 2020 changes being made to the Government’s Money Laundering RegulationsΒ came into force.


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