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United Airlines Cut 16,000 Jobs In One Month Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic! Latest Update

United Airlines plans to cut around 16,000 jobs on Wednesday due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The approximate prediction was to cut 36,000, but for now, it’s about to fire 16,000 this month. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment has been a major issue in the world today due to the overall economic downfall.

United Airlines cut 16,000 jobs in one month.

United Airlines
United Airlines

The pandemic has drawn us a deeper and long lasted crisis in all aspects. And where the whole world followed lockdown for several months. And where every country and state is restricting travel, airlines and aviation jobs have suffered the most. This has to lead to major unemployment in all airlines. Hence, on Wednesday Untied airlines planned to cut almost 16,000 jobs this month.

The Airline labour unions and executives have urgedΒ the government to provide another $25 billion. The money is much needed for the federal aidΒ and toΒ preserve jobs through the end of another few months. However, the lawmakers remained quiet and didn’t say anything about the relief fund yet.

Originally the airlines tried to preserve the jobs by paying employees their salaries up to 30 September. Initially, the payroll support was supposed to help the airlines. However, no major help has been received yet, and the employee that rate has fallen by 30% since last year.

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UnitedΒ Airline’s CEO, Scott Kirby, shares his concern on twitter by the world. Saying the team tries to provide funds, but it is important to reduce the headcount for now. Kirby shared how his team is desperately trying to win back customers but is falling due to the pandemic. The CEO also announced that they are even ready to permanently get rid of $200 domestic ticket change fees for travellers. They are even planning to give tickets at the cheapest rates from Delta to America.

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