University Of Oxford: Trial Of COVID-19 Vaccine Expected To Be Tested On More Than 500+ People!

University Of Oxford

The University Of Oxford: Overview Of The Current Situation

First and foremost, we all know how the world right now is facing a terrible crisis. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 entire world is crumbling. COVID-19 has affected every economic sector and firm. In addition to this, most countries are facing a substantial financial and humanitarian crisis. The University Of Oxford researched the vaccines.

WHO (World Health Organisation) has already declared COVID-19 as a Global Pandemic.Β 

Secondly, almost every country has shut schools, theatres, businesses, transport, offices. Not only this, out of 197 countries in the world, but more than 90% of them are also following a strict lockdown.Β 

University Of Oxford
Medical professionals of The University Of Oxford getting ready to engage on volunteers.

Thirdly, the saddest part of this situation is the lack of any vaccine for COVID-19. Currently, there is no vaccine to treat COVID-19. But top researches and scientists from qualified universities have already started testing the COVID-19 vaccine. Till now, the University of Oxford has tested the trail vaccine on more than 500 people in this global pandemic.Β 

How Is It Happening

Firstly, we will tell you in short how the trail is happening. Five hundred ten participants are divided into five groups. Every group will undergo strict follow. Every group would also receive booster shots after the original ones. In addition to this, the technology and solution used behind the vaccine have already developed to make ten other treatments.Β Β 

Secondly, several countries need to test in different groups to get efficient and accurate results.Β 

University Of Oxford
The University Of Oxford starts enrolling volunteers fro vaccine trails.

Production StageΒ 

Most importantly, every pharmaceutical firm is seeking funding from the government. Funding will be contributed to mass production and mass testing in six months.Β 

Secondly, other than the University of Oxford, many other medical firms are also trying to build a COVID-19 vaccine. In addition to this, Moderna and Inovio are researching to find the vaccine.Β 

Thirdly, it is not expected to have the vaccines broadly available even after their findings. Further productions, testings, scalings would need a few more months for more efficiency.Β 

Last but not least, until then, we request all of you to stay safe and stay indoors.Β 

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