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Update : Halo Infinite, And Now An Xbox Executive Has Teased The Project.

Poster image of "Halo Infinite"

Halo Infinite: About The Game

Halo Infinite is actually an updated game from the series of Halo games. The previous part was Halo 5: Guardians. The gamers are sitting back at home and patiently waiting for the release.

You can play this game as well as the prior parts of it from the same series on various platforms. This includes Xbox Series One, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows.

It is basically a first-person shooter game, with a lot of additional exciting features. We will have our Mater Chief back from Halo 5 and he is more established (prominent) in the game than ever.'Halo Infinite' puts Master Chief back in the fight

The most noticeable and criticized problem in the previous part was relating to the split-screen. Not allowing this feature meant a huge backdrop and some fans were furious. No worries, this time they are bringing it back.

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The Xbox Executive Tease Trailer

Halo Infinite is in the talks all over social media, be it Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or Instagram. With the release of yet another trailer from Xbox has us excited as heck.

Apart from this, Aron Greenberg who is an important part in Xbox releases made sure to comfort us. He says that the team is working very hard even from back in their respective homes.E3 2019: Microsoft set to bring Xbox successor to market ...

Working anywhere apart from the actual studio is a real challenge. They meet up online every week and the work is in progress with more determination than ever.

Release Date And Details

We must understand that the coronavirus situation is hard on us all. What we know at the moment is that Halo is set to release over Xbox Series X. This itself will not be here until the holidays season.

It looks like we are far from the release date. The biggest inconvenience was when E3 2020 got cancelled. Keep checking this page for updates.HALO INFINITE - Gameplay Demo - YouTube

The next update will be up by July. By then keep yourself busy with the previous Halo series games!

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