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US Election 2020: Donald Trump Calls Off Second Presidential Debate Against Joe Biden!

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: India Today

Donald Trump Says No To Presidential Debate With Joe Biden

The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was supposed to take place on October 15. However, in the middle of this, Trump contracted with coronavirus. Due to the same reason, the committee decided to make the debate a virtual one. Joe Biden was ok with the virtual discussion. However, Donald Trump seems to have a problem with the online format. He disagreed with this and decided to pull out from the discussion itself. The official statement from the Commission on Presidential Debates said:

β€œIt is now apparent there will be no debate on October 15, and the CPD will turn its attention to preparations for the final presidential debate scheduled for October 22.”

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: Arab News

Donald Trump Calls The Commission Biased Towards Joe Biden

Donald Trump is not happy with how the commission decided on the online debate. He testing positive for coronavirus posed a significant threat. He called the commission biased towards Biden for opting for an online discussion. Trump’s spokesperson said:

β€œThere is no medical reason Β why the second debate should be postponed or moved to a virtual setting despite his testing positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) last week.”

Joe Biden Hits Back And Donald Trump For Avoiding Debate

Joe Biden took advantage of this opportunity to criticise for avoiding the discussion. He was willing to do to the discussion virtually, but that was not the case with Trump. His official spokesperson said:

β€œVice President Biden looks forward to making his case to the American people about how to overcome this pandemic, restore American leadership and our alliances in the world, and bring the American people together. It’s shameful that Donald Trump ducked the only debate in which the voters get to ask the questions β€” but it’s no surprise.”

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: India Today

People Await Coming Of Third Presidential Debate

Americans were looking forward to the second presidential debate. However,Β it won’t be taking place since Donald TrumpΒ decided to pull out of it. Now the eyes will be on the third presidential debate that is all set to take place on October 22nd.

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