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US Election 2020 : Donald Trump Shows Desperation As He Deliberately Clashes His Interview With Joe Biden’s Convention !

Donald Trump
Source: Daily Mail

Donald Trump Shows His Desperation To Win Elections

Donald Trump is having a pretty disappointing election campaign. Nothing at this point seems to be working for him and Joe Biden is becoming the favorite to win the election with each passing day. Yesterday was the last day of the Democratic convention that was going on for some time. With the elections slipping from his hands, he showed his desperation with his attempt to ruin the last day of the convention. He set up an interview with Fox News at the same time to clash the interview and decrease the viewership. This is too low even for Trump.

Donald Trump Feels Joe Biden Is Just Words With No Action

Donald Trump made a tweet to take a dig at Joe who is in the political fabric of the US for the past 45 years. Trump feels that Joe only makes big promises and doesn’t deliver them. His tweet read, β€œ’In 47 years, Joe did none of the things of which he now speaks. He will never change, just words!” Trump is going all out from his side to ensure that he wins the election and gets re-elected as the president of the US.

Donald Trump Gives A Picture Of Falling Economy Under Joe Biden

Under Trump’s administration, people are constantly criticizing him for his approach towards the virus. Many at times, he is himself not seen wearing the mask. Moreover, the unemployment level has reached the most at this point and the economy has taken a severe hit. However, Trump tried to paint a picture that Joe Biden’s presidency will take the economy to depression. He said, β€œAnd your taxes will be doubled, tripled and quadrupled. Your jobs will be gone. I mean, you’re going to have depression, if that happens. The biggest single headwind [to the stock market] is if he got in.”

Democratic Party
Source: AP

Joe Biden Doesn’t Have The Guts To Face World Leaders, Says Donald Trump

Donald Trump feels that world leaders like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin are really sharp and a leader like Joe is not competent to face them. He said, β€œ’If you’re not at the top of your game, it’s not going to be a pretty picture.Β  It’s like chess masters. And if you’re not a great chess master, you’re going to have a problem.”




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