US Election 2020 : Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Come Together To Take A Dig At Enemy Donald Trump !

Joe and Kamala
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Kamala Harris Is Excited To Partner With Joe Biden

US Election 2020: Kamala Harris has imprinted her name in the history of US politics. She became the first black woman and first Asian origin person to join a major party’s presidential ticket. She is standing to become the Vice President under Joe Biden’s presidency. Recently, Kamala and Biden came together for their first joint interview. Kamala expressed that she is excited to unite with Joe to take America to greater heights. She said, β€œI was absolutely, and remain, so excited about our partnership and all the potential of our country that has yet to be achieved.”

Joe Biden Heaps Praise On Partner Kamala Harris

The Democrats have won the hearts of the people by taking such a progressive step. This decision is bound to make a significant impact on their campaign. Moreover, Joe Biden had only positive things to say when it came to Kamala Harris. He feels someone like her is a must on the team and will change the course of the election. Joe said, β€œIt’s really, really, really important to have someone [like Harris on the ticket] with this intellectual capacity, educational background, backbone, and stature. It’s going to change a lot.”

Kamala Harris Takes A Dig At Donald Trump

Ever since the death of George Floyd and the start of the Black Lives Matter movement, Trump is facing a lot of criticism for his response to it. He has a black spot on his image for being racist as he was very passive about it. Now the decision to bring Kamala as Joe’s Vice-President shows that the Democrats are going forward with a progressive mindset. Talking about Trump, Kamala said, β€œI expect they will engage in dirty tactics and this is going to be a knockdown drag-out. And we’re ready.”

US Election 2020
US Election 2020

What Does The US Election 2020 Look Like For Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

As of now, Joe Biden looks like the favourite to win the election. Trump’s passive attitude towards Black Lives Matter and poor management of coronavirus has created a strong negative image among the majority of the people. If things go like this, then Joe Biden might become the next president.

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