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US Election 2020 : Joe Biden Blasts Donald Trump Over Coronavirus And Black Lives Matter !

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Accepts Democratic Nomination

The race behind US Election 2020 is heating up, and everyone can feel it. As per the latest report, Joe Biden has accepted the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party. Joe Biden is very confident that he will win the election as the majority of the US citizens are not happy with Trump’s administration at this point. Biden is confident that he will be able to bring together the people of America, including those who don’t support him at the moment. Joe Biden will lock horns with the current president Donald Trump on 3 November to decide who will take up the US presidency.

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden Takes A Dig At Donald Trump Over His Handling Of Coronavirus

One thing that has significantly lowered the chances of Trump winning the election is his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the US. America has recorded the most cases and deaths due to coronavirus in the world, and people are blaming Trump for his lack of seriousness. Joe Biden decided to take a dig at this when he accepted the nomination for the presidency from his party. He said, “Just judge this president on the fact. Five million Americans affected by COVID-19,’ he said. ‘More than 170,000 Americans have died. By far the worst performance of any nation on earth. More than 50 million people have filed for unemployment this year.’

Joe Biden Gives A Scary Picture Of Trump 2.0

Joe Biden made it very clear to the people that the first tenure of Trump has been a total disaster. Moreover, he gave a picture as to what will happen if Trump gets a second chance. He said, “This president if he’s reelected, you know what will happen. Cases and deaths will remain far too high,’ Biden said. ‘More mom and pop businesses will close their doors, and this time for good. Working families will struggle to get by. And yet the wealthiest 1 per cent will get tens of billions of dollars in new tax breaks.”

Democratic Party
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Joe Biden Has Few Things To Say On George Floyd’s Death

The second thing for which Trump is facing the wrath of people is his passive attitude towards the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Joe Biden promised for unity while putting down Trump. He said, “I will be a president who will stand with our allies and friends. I will make it clear to our adversaries the days of cosying up to dictators are over.”

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