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US Election 2020 : Kamala Harris Punches Down Donald Trump For Failing To Protect Fellow Americans And Pushes Up Joe Biden !

Kamala, Biden and Trump
Source: LA Times

Kamala Harris Insists Donald Trump Has Forgotten His Oath

Kamala Harris is leaving no stone unturned to take jibes at Republican candidate and current president Donald Trump. She drew a contrast between Trump’s actions as President and the oath he took as a President. She insisted that he has never stood up for Americans or protected them. Kamala said, β€œHe never appreciated that a President swears an oath before God and country to protect America against threats seen and unseen. It’s his duty. It’s his obligation to protect us. And yet, he has failed. Miserably.”

Kamala Harris and Donald Trump
Source: Yahoo

Kamala Harris Feels The Incompetency Of Donald Trump Was Exposed By Coronavirus

If there is one thing that the US is struggling against, then that’s definitely coronavirus. While the Trump presidency was going more or less fine with a booming economy, the virus has led to a steep depression in the economy. Pointing this out, Kamala said, β€œHere’s the thing, Donald Trump’s incompetence is nothing new. That has always been on full display. But in January of this year, it became deadly. That’s when the threat of a virus that would endanger the world first emerged. Trump dismissed the threat. Joe Biden sounded the alarm.”

Donald Trump Draws Flak From Kamala Harris For Relying On Miracle For Coronavirus

Donald Trump has always insisted that a virus will most definitely come before the election. Moreover, on many occasions, he has insisted that the US is doing great against the coronavirus. However, the statistics showed otherwise. Trump’s overall attitude has been very passive whereas other leaders are trying hard to curb the virus. Talking about this, Kamala said, β€œIt would be the beginning of a pattern that persists to this day. Trump telling us not to worry, that the virus will, quote, “disappear,” that a quote, “miracle” is coming.”

Kamala Harris Endorses Joe Biden For Coronavirus Control

Kamala Harris insisted that Joe Biden has been warning the government of the current situation from day one. She even pointed out that if the reins are given to Joe, then he has a clear cut plan to take the US out of this doom. She said, β€œJoe Biden, saying we need a plan, a national strategy, a President who is willing to lead, willing to be a role model for our nation. For our children.”

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