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US Election 2020: Prez Trump Is Clear With His Court Judges But Biden Fears To Release His List!

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Donald Trump Releases List Of Potential Supreme Court Judges

US Election 2020: Prez Trump Is Clear With His Court Judges But Biden Fears To Release His List!: One responsibility that a President has in the US is to appoint judges to the Supreme Court. As a part of his campaign, Donald Trump released a list of people who will potentially fill the position in the Supreme Court if any vacancy arises.

List of Trump includes Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Josh Hawley of Missouri, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Kate Todd, etc. He said:

“Outside of war and peace, the President’s job is to select Supreme Court judges. I put up a list of 20 or 25, and will only pick from this list.”

Joe Biden Donald Trump US Election
Source: TOI

Donald Trump Feels Joe Biden Won’t Be Make Potential List Of Supreme Court Judges

Donald Trump challenged his rival Joe Biden to release a list of potential judges for the Supreme Court in the same way he did. Trump believes Joe won’t be able to do so as he will pick people who are not favourable to the people. So this will reduce the chance of him becoming the next President. Trump said:

“People can’t vote for him. He’ll come up with far radical left judges. Far to the left, revolutionary in a sense, I think.”

Will Joe Biden Take Up The Challenge From Donald Trump

It will be interesting to see if Joe will take up the challenge and give his list of potential Supreme Court judges.Β  Moreover, it will also be interesting to note who he will pick for his plan in case he decides to make one. However, Trump thinks Joe will appoint extreme leftists who will not be in line with the people’s choice. He said:

“He’s not able to name Democrat judges in the middle someplace or where normal people are.”

Joe Biden Donald Trump US Election
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Joe Biden IsΒ  A Puppet Of Democrats, Feels Donald Trump

Trump thinks that Biden has no real control and makes his decision as per the other Democrats. He said:

“He’ll have extremely radical left judges, and won’t be elected if he has to do that. I don’t think he’s electable and he’s got a real problem with that.”

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