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US Embassy In Turkey Has Warned Of Potential Terror Attacks

US Embassy In Turkey Has Warned Of Potential Terror Attacks
Source: CBS 58

The consular services have been stopped temporarily by the US Embassy in Turkey. This is because it has discovered a potential threat. It has received reports of a possible attack on the Americans as well as other foreigners. The security alert was received by it on Friday.

What Do The Reports Say?

Many credible reports of terrorist attacks and kidnapping have been found. These attacks are mainly against US citizens or foreign nationals who are residing in Istanbul. The Embassy in Ankara (capital of Turkey) mentioned that this threat also includes US Consulate General.
We can see many cases of attacks between 2015 to 2017 by The Islamic State group and an outlawed Kurdish militant group. Also, the US Embassy in Ankara has been targeted before.

Precautions That Are Taken By The US Embassy

The Embassy has asked foreigners to take precautions while working in large office buildings. Places like shopping malls where foreigners gather the most posses maximum threat. After this, the citizen and visa services have also been suspended temporarily in Turkey.

A spokesperson from the embassy has told that this notice is the result of an ongoing assessment of security conditions. He also extended his gratitude towards the Turkish government, who is helping them out. The government is ensuring that the US citizens who are living there are safe along with the Turkish people who visit the embassy.

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