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US: Europe’s Confidence Is Shattered By Trump And His Envoys

US: Europe's Confidence Is Shattered By Trump And His Envoys

Trump And His Envoys shatter the US: Europe’s Confidence: We know it very well that Donald Trump and the European Union doesn’t go along well. Trump has always supported the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which is also known as Brexit.

Not only Trump but his European nation’s ambassadors also behave the same way.

Trump & Fundraiser Event Or A Non-fundraiser Event?

Last week, the US ambassador of Netherlands, Pete Hoekstra, had an event at his embassy. It was for the Forum for Democracy (FvD). Forum for Democracy is an anti-immigration as well as an anti-EU party that is getting admired in the country. At first, this event got reported to be a fundraiser for the party.
Later, one of the US state department spokespeople told a completely different side of this. He exposed them telling that this event was not a fundraiser.Β  Instead, it was a town hall discussion and Q&A session with the Forum for Democracy. He also hinted that more such parties had held before.
To most of the people, this looks like a hand of political support from the US. We can’t ignore the fact that Hoekstra seems to represent Trump’s interests in Europe.

Is Europe entirely on its own now?

European Union is growing apart from the US. Some people think that this is a good time for Europe to stop relying on the US and start doing things on his own. It is time for it to show the world its importance.

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