USA COVID: USA Exceeds 150K Deaths Eclipsing Their Prognosis!

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USA COVID: USA Exceeds 150K Deaths Eclipsing Their Prognosis!:Β The United States’ leading authority confirmed in April 2020 that not more than 60,000 people will die of COVID. Unfortunately, the authorities were wrong, and within just three months of the previous estimation, the cases in the United States have soared up like a roller coaster.

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However, after predicting the number of 60K deaths, the authorities changed it to 70K a week later. But, with the sudden rise of cases in May, President Trump said that the cases could go anywhere between 75K to 100K. As it turns out, the virus surpassed every estimation, and on Wednesday, the country’s death toll reached 150,000.

Death Toll Rises

As of Wednesday evening, at least 150,909 were known to have died of COVID in the United States out of 4.4 million reported infections. Moreover, these figures can be undercounted.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention i-e the CDC speculates that some regions might have 13 times higher infected people than reported. The authorities admit that perhaps the death toll omits several people who died via virus-related symptoms, especially during the advent in March and April.

Previously, the weekly death tolls fell substantially. But, after the catastrophic surge in New York, the toll took a U-turn. While New York is reporting 16 deaths a day, Texas is leading with nearly 2,200 deaths. Moreover, Florida broke the record again with 216 fatalities and 6,332 deaths.

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The Scientific Predictions

Americans have rarely been interested in Scientific predictions as this year. With the increase of COVID cases almost everywhere in the States, the citizens are getting hungry for the vaccine.

Recently, Virginia Pitzer, a professor of epidemiology at Yale, said:

“The aspect which is impossible to predict is human behaviour. To what extent are people going to socially distance themselves? To what extent are politics going to influence whether you wear a mask? All of these factors are impossible to factor in.”

Let’s take a look at the COVID cases in the USA:

COVID cases in USA


USA Map with COVID cases
via BBC

These are the statistical modellers via BBC, a credible source. Moreover, these are just recorded estimations. Several people either are waiting for their COVID test results or don’t know that they’re infected (this happens in asymptomatic cases).

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What Now?

Recently, Dr Sarah Fortune said:

“The mortality rate is going to march in lockstep with our transmission. We have to do better in terms of limiting transmission. We have this terrible death toll because we have done a lousy job at limiting transmission.”

USA Map with COVID cases

Dr Fortune estimates that the mortality rate of 0.5% in all the COVID cases might be a ‘best case scenario’ but, with the death toll rising to 2% allows the virus to reach highest at-risk environments like nursing homes.


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