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USA Elections 2020: Citizens Call Out Trump For his Anti- Racism Campaign.

USA Elections 2020: Citizens Call Out Trump For his Anti- Racism Campaign: How is it possible for Trump to not get into trouble? Not long after we saw his train derailment fully, he is now going on with the anti-racism campaign.

He has now directed the Management office and Budget to crack down on federal agencies. According to the reports, he calls forΒ anti-racism training sessions. TrumpΒ calls them “divisive, anti-American propaganda.”Β and says it’s un America.

OMB director Russell Vought, in an official letter of the executive branch agencies. In the letter, it calls it an anti-race theory to destroy the secularism of the country. He mentions “white privilege”Β in the messageΒ it says it is evil and downgrades the culture of the society.

Trump gets in trouble

The memo which has now become viral comes as the nationΒ has faced racial injustice and is facing it since forever. America can never more forward as a country with all this injustice and discrimination.

Trump, after causing so much trouble in now turning the country for a new civil war. He calls the state, Un America and in a way, supports the racial injustice. Trump has spent much of his summer depending himself and preparing for the elections.

Trump: A Racist

TheΒ Civil War rebels from protesters seek theΒ removal of discrimination in this ‘cultural war’ that’s ahead of the election on November 3rd.Β All these soon to be war is going to trouble trump for winning the presidential race.

Due to this, he had already lost all the polls that decide who has more supporters and more chances to win elections. Joe Biden won the vote and seemed to win the race as well.

However, referring to segments of Trump’s event on Fox News and other outlets that have stoked conservative outrage about the federal training.

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