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USA Elections: Memefication Role In Us Politics!

Memefication Role In Us Politics!
Source: The Guardian

USA Elections: Memefication Role In Us Politics!: On 13 October 2015, Donald Trump tweeted a picture of himself standing at the presidential podium. So, what was exceptional in this picture? Well, his face got converted into a green, smug-looking frog.

Some called it a Pepe on the Internet. It allowed creative minds to keep on with this exciting trend.

This event plays a significant rule in intermixing meme with politics. More and more memes are being created on famous politician nowadays.

Feel Good Man Gives An Insight Of Pepe’s Journey

A documentary named “Feel Good Man” depicts that the Pepe meme got intended to turn aΒ  comical character into a political symbol. On the contrast, TFW No GF gives the troll a chance to defend themselves.” Feel Good Man” tells in detail about Pepe’s journey.

It is written from its creator’s Matt Furie perspective. It was created to for 2005 comic Boy’s Club. The plot revolves around four animal friends who liked like humans. The comic was humorous and also showed a type of masculinity.

People Create Their Version Of Pepe

Once Furie uploaded some pages from comic on Myspace. Since then, memes are on Pepe. Each version is different as people create their performance.

By 2008, the frog was far away from its original depiction if a happy character, instead it became a sad, strange creature. It was 4chaners who created the terrifying version of the frog. It turned into a morally incorrect political character.

Furie’s Documentary Seems More Accurate Than TFW No GF

However, TFW No GF lacks harmony throughout its running period. It deals with the feelings of rejection, isolation and alienation. The meme’s protagonist is WOJAK.

Now, it is a part of a large online community of anonymous young guys. In the movie, all the characters are happy in the end while America’s future lies in uncertainty.

So, one can say that Furie’s documentary is more accurate and tells more about the American culture and future.

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