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USA Protests: Protesters Tear Down Jefferson Davis Statue

The Confederate Monument
Source: The New York Times

Since the last two weeks, the United States of America is in the state of war. Thousands of people have come on the streets amid the Corona Virus Pandemic to get justice for George Floyd’s gruesome murder.

Everything About The Protests:

As we all know, four police officers brutally killed George Floyd on 25th May 2020. His crime was a counterfeit of a $20 bill. Floyd was a victim of racial injustice which is an issue in the United States of America.

People Protesting On The Streets.
Source: CNBC

Racial injustice has existed in the States for over two decades. This inhumanity made people angry and betrayed. Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi started the #blacklivesmatter movement. They met through BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity). This movement spread throughout the world; supported by many countries.

To know more about the protests, read George Floyd Death: New Impose For All Dismiss Officers!

Why Did They Tear Down Jefferson Davis’ Statue?

Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States during the Civil War. Protesters toppled down Jefferson Davis’ monument in Richmond on Wednesday night after 11 pm.
Agitated by the death of George Floyd, the protesters went on a spree to topple down the monuments. The monument symbolised ‘White Supremacy’ in political leaders.
Confederate Monuments
Source: The Mercury News
The toppling of the statue was long due as in 2018. The Richmond Mayor, Levar Stoney announced that he would introduce an ordinance to remove it and several other confederates.
Protesters in Portsmouth, Virginia beheaded and pulled down four statues as a brass band played on the streets. In Richmond, protesters tore down Columbus’ statue. They set it on fire and threw it in the lake.
Protesters are angry over the upper hand of white supremacy over everything. The mass destruction portrays how angry the citizens of the United States of America are. Moreover, President Donald Trump has turned a blind eye towards his country that symbolises white supremacy.

What Happens Now?

The entire United States of America is in turmoil. The risk of Corona Virus Pandemic is nothing if people die due to their skin colour.

They arrested the four officers who murdered Floyd. Many new cases regarding previous murders are coming into light.

I feel the death of George Floyd is going to make a revolutionary change in the mindset of racists. To know more, stay tuned!

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