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USA Updates: Israeli Contact Tracing App Raises Concerns In US

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Israeli Contact Tracing App USA Updates: As we’re a part of the first global pandemic of the century, we have realized that keeping a distance is of uttermost importance. The infection depends upon how much distance we’re willing to keep, and this is where the contact tracing app comes in the picture.

To give you an idea about the contact tracing app, I’d say it helps you to trace infected people. It can detect safe spots for you to continue with your business without the risk of catching the information.

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Let us dig into the details of this contact tracing app.

How Does This App Work?

At first, the users have to log into the app. It is a decentralized system because it does not transits itself into a central database. The app sends signals to the ones who are in close contact with the infected ones.

The Contact Tracing App Used In USA
Source: The Media Line

It does not give out the identity of the person but a location. Business officials can not quarantine themselves sometimes; the app acts as a safe barrier for them to keep themselves free of infection.

The contact tracing app is widely used all over the world amid the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Israeli Contact Tracing App Raises Concerns In The USA?

In the past two months, contact tracing apps have rolled out throughout the United States Of America. It increases concerns for the USA authorities in regard to their safety measures.

USA vs Isreal
Source: A Unitarian In Italy

A Tel-Aviv based company, Globekeeper’s SafeΒ is already in talks with various US states and private companies to deploy their app. During the early stages of the pandemic, Globekeeper collaborated with Israel’s Health Ministry in developing HaMagen, a contact tracing app used by over 2 million Israelis.

The app works through a Bluetooth connection ad can link you anonymously to identifiers within the range. The user can store the data for 21 days.

Is The App Unsafe?

The app qualifies CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) and does not violate the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

The only issue seems to be that the data is public. The apps can expose people to give away their locations as well as their details.

Other pertaining risks are the safety of the infected ones who are anyway considered as outcasts now that the cases have increased. Digital contact tracing is unproven and can be dangerous in unimaginable ways.

To know more, stay tuned!

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