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V Aka Kim Tae-hyung And Jungkook Spotted Shopping Together, Army Shares Comments!

Jungkook and V Spotted Out Together
source: Teen Vogue

BTS dont need any controversies to be in the limelight. The Band is all over the news and social media as people want to know everything about them. However, the Band receives Likes in Billions On their Youtube’s Random Video. Just think about likes and shares on their Original Albums? Fascinating right? There are seven members in the Group But are recognised more by their band name ‘BTS.’ Well, To load you with more information, The Youngest Vocalist Of BTS jungkook and the multitasker member of the band V were spotted out together. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and know every detail about both.

Jungkook and V Spotted Out Together

Jungkook and V Spotted Out Together
source: Koreaboo

The Main Vocalist and the songwriter of BTS were spotted out while they were busy shopping in a mall. It’s been more than a month since the release of the superhit song Dynamite; the skilled starts are coming up with the most awaited album, BE. It’s going to be exciting and crazy at the same time as Jungkook is said to be the director of the music video and also the team manager.

Coming back to the topic, Both V and Jungkook looked adorable together while asking each other’s suggestions regarding which cloth would suit them. We all have been a fan of Dress Sense of the Group, and what’s New are they having in the Wardrobe. To know that, let’s be patient and wait for the Band to appear On stage.

ARMY Reacts On V and Jungkook’s Trip To Shopping Mall

Jungkook and V Spotted Out Together
source: Pinkvilla

Army went gaga as the pictures went viral on all social media websites. Let us have a look at some of the comments. A fan page tweeted, “Jungkook-a, did you went to the shop after the life with taehyung? My eldest son (who is the same age as jk) saw you. He’s an ARMY. He was so excited. Even tho JK is covered with mask and hat, he just knew it by looking at his eyes.” Whereas another fane page wrote, “omg taekook went shopping after jungkook’s live.’

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