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Valorant Game: Unlock Competitive Mode In Valorant? Check Updates

New Ranked Mode In Valorant
Source: Twinfinite

What Is Valorant?

Valorant Game: How To Unlock Competitive Mode In Valorant?: Valorant is a new game which got released on 2nd June 2020.Β It is a free to play multiplayer first-person shooter. Riot Games has developed and published the game for Microsoft Windows.

They announced the game under the codename ‘Project A’ in October 2019. The game began a closed beta with limited access on 7th April 2020 and got fully released on 2nd June.

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Valorant is a team-based game set in a futuristic universe. Players control the agents that come from various cultures around the world. In the game, the players choose either the defending side or the attacking side.

Let us get into the details of the game’s system.

An Insight Into Valorant’s Game System: The Competitive Mode

Now Valorant has launched Valorant patch 1.02. The ranked play is finally available for the first time since its closed beta. It means players have access to the competitive mode which is an alternative to the default unrated mode that allows the players to earn a competitive rank which comes with its rank and badge.

Valorent's competitive rank mode
Source: Dot Esports

Just as your Valorant skill grows, your rank grows too. One of the major goals in Valorant is to get the highest rank.

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How To Unlock The Competitive Mode In Valorant?

If you want to unlock Valorant’s competitive mode, first you need to complete the 20 unrated matches in the unrated mode. Even though these matches will not have any difference in the ranks, it will give you an idea about the gameplay.
The competitive mode will start when you complete the 20 games. After that, you can start with the Valorant ranks.
The eight ranks in Valorant are- (lowest to highest)
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Valorant

WhenΒ you join a competitive Valorant, you’ll pair with similar rank holders. However, if you don’t play any competitive matches for 14 days in a row, the rank will be hidden.

You will see your rank only after you’ve played your first competitive match. It means you can take a break from the game without worrying about your rank falling.

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