Venom 2: Stated To Premier In October Gets Delayed To Summer 2021 With A New Title

Venom 2

he sequel of 2018’s hit film Venom, ‘Venom 2’s release got delayed. Though Venom 2 will not hit the theatres this year, the news isn’t bad at all. So, it scheduled to release in the middle of next year with a new title. From the title, we got that it will be all about the antagonist.

New Title

Sony Pictures unveiled the new official title of Venom 2. Venom: Let There be Carnage. It will release eight months later on June 25, 2021.
Originally the film scheduled to release in October this year. But due to the Cornovirus outbreak affecting Global health, the filming got delayed as well as it’s debut. The USA affected by the pandemic and social distancing continued in the country. So, it is hard to say how far the project will take to complete.

Venom 2
A plot from Venom portraying the leading role.

Venom 2: Characters And Cast

The film Venom was directed by director Andy Serkis in collaboration with Marvel. The film introduced Eddie Brock, a truth-seeker journalist. Later he became a host of an alien entity venom. In the sequel, we will see Eddie along with her ex-fiancee Anne wearing. Cletus Kasady will come back as a serial killer. He is also a host of another psychopath symbiote Carnage. We will see a new character, Shriek, who is Kasady’s love interest.

Tom Hardy plays the role of Eddie, Michelle Willams portrayed Anne Weying. Woody Harrelson joins the cast as Cletus Kasady and Naomie Harris as Shriek.

Venom 2
A plot where Venom reveals his face in the movie- Venom.

Along with Morbius and ghostbusters: Afterlife, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is one of the films delayed by the pandemic. The Morbius and Ghostbusters both postponed to March 2021. The Uncharted game postponed to October 2021.

The first movie of the franchise earned around $856 million worldwide. Though it got thumbs down from critics. We hope the next sequel stand on every criterion.

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