Venus To Be The New Earth? NASA Finds Traces Of Human Life On Venus. Check it out now.
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Venus To Be The New Earth? NASA Finds Traces Of Human Life On Venus!

Venus To Be The New Earth? NASA Finds Traces Of Human Life On Venus!: On 14th September 2020, scientists found the traces of a stinky gas phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. Phosphine indicated the presence of microbes or human life on the planet. However, the scientists didn’t make any confirmation then, but it looks like they might now. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Existence Of Human Life On Venus.

In Chennai, according to the studies, the possibility of the potential life at Venus has increased drastically. However, a few days ago, the official of MIT said they aren’t sure if they can claim the fact that humans exist or no on Venus.


On the earth, the only natural source of phosphine is microbes. The traces of microbes on the Venus atmosphere had led all the scientists in a dilemma. Scientists all over the world have various reactions about this as some claim the potential possibility of life on Venus.

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The planet is the brightest object that most people will see in the sky, after the sun, the moon and the rare supernova. It is also the most infrequent planet to be often mistaken for UFO.


However, this is not the first time a theory arose about the existence of human life on another planet. Even after the news got released by Astronauts, not many people are taking it seriously and have a variety of things to say.


Experts still argue whether the phosphine gas in the atmosphere was due to the microbes or any other reasons. However, no confirmations have come yet. Scientists are making their theory with their understanding of the scenario. What do you think about it?

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