Video calling / conference is only way to interact with people in such situations .Hear take look to top video calling apps -
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Video Chat: Top Video Calling Apps For Quarantine!

Due to the coronavirus epidemic while everyone is quarantined in their homes. We see people have been in trouble like students unable to attend their classes, business deals get postponed, even court proceedings are getting delayed. So in order to maintain the safety of people, everyone is working from home now. Video calling/conference is the only way to interact with people in such situations. Hear take look to top video calling apps –


This video conferencing app has gained rapid popularity and provides video call facility. It is no. 1 in top video calling apps. It has some advanced features like screen share in breakout rooms of 100 people and local recording. The user-friendly interface also makes easy to use. There are some cons with that like only 40-minute time limit for a call in the free version of this app.

Top Video Calling Apps

2. Hangout Meet & Chat

Google’s video chat is one of the most used apps.this is easy to use, it only requires a Gmail account to use this app.Β  It places no. 2 in top video calling apps. There are two versions of hangout; one is hangout premium which allows you to connect up to 250 people and limitless calling through its g-suit premium another hangout chats which had some restricted features and in this, you connect up to 25 people.

Top Video Calling Apps

3. Skype

It is no. 3 in top video calling apps. Skype is a very popular app that is used for both personal and professional purposes. In skype you get a lot of hours and participants for free. Its free version gives the user 10-way calling and directory access. There is also a business version of skype which can be used for meetings and conferences. This is not as advanced as zoom or hang out are.

Top Video Calling Apps

4. FaceTime

This is the video conferencing app of Apple. It is no. 4 in top video calling apps. in this you got a lot of fun features this is easy to use and you can connect up to 32 peoples in a call but the only problem is this is only compatible with Apple Devices.

Top Video Calling Apps

5. WhatsApp Video Call

It is the easiest video calling app in all the above options. People who are away from home are usually connected to their families through this feature of WhatsApp. There ware some not advanced features you can only connect up to 4 people. Thus is ranked at no. 5 in top video calling apps. In spite of these complications, this feature of WhatsApp is very famous among people.

Top Video Calling Apps

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