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Viola Davis Calls Attention To Racist Lyrics In A Children’s Song


Viola Davis has always been an active participant in the Black Lives Matter movement. Being a woman of colour herself, she has always raised her voice against the racial injustice in society.

Davis had called out the persistent racism in Hollywood a few days ago and this time it’s about a song.

Recently, she called everyone’s attention towards the racist lyrics of a famous children’s song- the β€˜Icecream Truck Song’.

The issue becomes all the more serious because it’s a children’s song.

β€œThe more you know”

Viola Davis Calls Attention To Racist Lyrics In A Children’s Song

Davis shared a video on social media with a caption that says, β€œthe more you know”.

The video is of a girl who talks about the ‘Ice-cream Truck’ song and explains that the Columbia Records released the song in March 1916.

Commonly known as β€˜Turkey in the straw’ today, the song usually pops up on Google while searching for children’s song.

As the girl in the video plays the song, she explains its lyrics, β€œNβ€”er love a watermelon..ha ha ha ha.”

It was actor Harry C. Browne who wrote this song and it depicts a black man eating a watermelon. The girl on the video urges the audience not to sing along.

Fans react, call it sickening

People were no doubt shocked to know the real lyrics of the song. Soon there was a flood of comments on the video as some expressed their anger and others shared their pain.

One of the fans wrote, β€œI once told white a co-worker of mine that I didn’t like watermelon. The response was β€œbut you’re black”. I took that as a moment to teach them about the origin of the myth that all black people love watermelon and the racism behind it”

Another one said, β€œWell this is insanely disturbing. Also strangely our towns ice-cream truck does not have that tune. But it might be because it is a black-owned operation. I wouldn’t play that music if I knew the background to it either.”

Fans called it sickening and thanked Viola Davis for raising awareness about the issue.

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