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Virgin River Season 2: What To Expect And Spoilers

Virgin river season 2

Suppose you spent your holiday weekend loading your eyeballs with all ten episodes of the Virgin River Season 2. In that case, you’re likely to feel some intense emotions right nowβ€”fear, uncertainty, and of course, impatience.

Not only do we have to wait until the third season of Virgin River to figure out what’s going on with our ill-fated favourites after Episode 10, but because Netflix hasn’t officially haven’t renewed the romantic drama for another season, we’ll have to wait for it. (Like Mel and Jack’s friendship, the performance itself is also a sort of slow-burn show.)

What you need to know

Hope and Doc began the final by agreeing to launch an elaborate rebirth ceremony. They complete with a suspiciously wedding-like reception. It was a long-overdue turning point of events for once low-lying couples, which just made their final twist all the more tragic.

When they reached their house, where hundreds of their closest friends were waiting to ambush them with a surprise re-entry session, Doc started telling Hope he had some uncompromising news to share from a recent check-up. The partygoers drowned out any hope he may have had to help out. We went to showrunner Sue Tenney to find out more.

Preacher accepted Jamie’s offer.

Doc has some things going on next season,” Tenney tells TVLine, referring to his new situation as a complication that will test him and challenge his relationship with Hope. He’s going to rise to the occasion, but it’s a real complication for him, particularly for him to practice medicine in the future. Will he even be able to do that? The clinic and the city are his livelihoods, so we’re going to discuss it seriously.”

Meanwhile, Preacher accepted Jamie’s offer for a chef’s gig in San Francisco, but the arrival of two familiar faces has threatened to derail his travel plans. Not only did Wes’s twin brother come up with a threat for Preacher . he said one way or another, but she’s also going to pay for what she did to my brother!”). But Paige/son Michelle’s Christopher will also be returned to Virgin River in the final with a plea for Preacher: “Can I stay with you?”

Slaughter of duty

Once again, Tenney doesn’t want to give away so much. Still, she tells viewers about one thing about Preacher that they’re theorising about his next moves: “If you are a fan watching the show, we will know how that character is going to respond to the slaughter of duty. Of course, we saved the most fantastic cliffhangerβ€”Mel finding Jack’s bleeding from an accidental gunshot on the floor of the barβ€”for the last time. All Tenney would say is that a possible third season will “go through trying to figure out who shot Jack,” beginning a mystery that might play “over a few seasons.” As for how long Jack would have to heal before the action starts up again, Tenney suggests we can expect “a longer time jump than we had between Seasons 1 and 2.”


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