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Vogue And Spencer Become A Family Of Four By Welcomes Baby Birth

Vogue and Spencer

Vogue and Spencer announced her daughter birth on Instagram

Vogue William, an Irish model and media personality, 34 and Spencer Matthew, an entrepreneur,31 welcomed the second baby daughter.

Vogue and Spencer were together since January 2017. They both fell in love with each other while filming the Channel 4 ski-ing show.Β 

In 2018 they got married in Scotland, and after a few months, they welcomed Theo their first boy child. Currently live in London in their own home but planning to shift in her native town of Howth to live close to her family.

Vogue and Spencer

Vogue confirmed the last March about her pregnancy.

Vogue said the Hello publication that they both are excited and delighted but also a little scary about her newborn as they both feel lucky to have a new member in their life. Both of them seem to be much excited when they are speaking about there, a new baby in their life.

Vogue and Spencer Instagram caption

On July 23, Vogue shared on Instagram “Last night we became a family of four,” and also says that their beautiful daughter has arrived safely and happily.

Spencer Matthew elaborated on his Instagram page caption as: “Wow, we officially have CHILDREN!! Also shares his happiness about having so much happened in the last two year.

Spencer is also very much thankful to her wife about what she does for his family and the difficult pregnancies that men will never fully understand.

“I have always dreamt of being a great father, and because of you, that is now possible. Feel lucky and happy every day to be wedded to you.”

Vogue unveiled that she will not be taking maternity leave for her second baby and said she’ll be easily able to juggle work and motherhood as her employers offer such a mum-friendly work environment.

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