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Voice Call For Free? Facebook.

Facebook: Community Help Feature

A famous Facebook firm is an American technology and social media company. It is based in Β Menlo Park, California. It is found byMark Zuckerberg.

Recently it is announced that Facebook decided to pay for your voice calls.

Some people are ready to take advantage of this. But don’t think about becoming rich.

Earlier in the previous year, Facebook announced that it would stop listening to voice messages in the messenger. This was decided to improve its speech recognition technology.

Now it came up with the new idea and program of “earn money and submit your recordings.”

Facebook And The Program

The Company is going to pay selected people to record and improve its voice recognition tool.

The process goes like, the person has to record the phrase Β “Hey Portal, call…”.Then the person has to say the name of the first friend of facebook twice for ten times.

This process takes around five minutes. A new program has been created called “Pronunciation” with its ViewPoints Research app. It is reported that for each recording, one will earn 200 points.

So you will be getting one $ for each call recording. To use this program first, you have to get qualified.

Rules And Statements By Facebook

The program is only available for the USΒ  folks who are above 18 years of age. With this, the person should also have 75 or more friends on Facebook.

Facebook also took the responsibility assuring that the recordings will be safe. Also, it reported that they would not share it on the Facebook-owned properties without permission.

Last year many companies, including Google, Amazon, and Apple, were caught for listening to your recordings. With the reason stating that they were doing it to improve their algorithms.

Later it was shut down completely. There is no need to worry about Facebook as it has taken the responsibility to play safe and keep safe.

Facebook announced that it would be rolling out the program to everyone slowly. So right now, it will not be available to all the users.

According to the Company’s record with handling the data, we can trust them and allow it for a try. Everyone deserves a chance!!



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