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Walking Dead Season 10 End Explained: White-Armored Soldiers Attacking EugeneΒ 

Eugene group in trouble
Source: screenrant.com

In the ending, of The Walking Dead Season 10 final, we saw Eugene group under attack by some mysterious armed soldiers.

The white-armoured soldiers
Source: screenrant.com

To know who the mysterious White-Armored Soldiers are continuing reading.

The Ending Of The Walking Dead Season 10

Walking Dead was among the first TV show and movie productions halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This eventually forced to delayΒ the final episode of season 10 from April to October.

Walking Dead
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“A Certain Doom” has now aired, while the hastily-covered cracks were undoubtedly visible. Also, the finale served as an effective, dramatic conclusion to the Whisperer War arc. Lydia uses her Whisperer experience to lead the zombie horde over a cliff-edge, and thanks to the timely intervention of Maggie. As a result, the remaining Whisperers was picked off, while Daryl and Negan handled Beta.

Eugene discovers radio
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But as we already are aware of the Walking Dead universe, they end one only to being another. The second plot of “A Certain Doom” shows the journey of Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel and Princess as they look to rendezvous with Eugene’s post-apocalyptic girlfriend. As we already know, Eugene had constructed a radio system to ease communication between Alexandria, Hilltop, the Kingdom and Oceanside. He was able to boost the signal by arranging a relay.

Unfortunately, this invasion into unknown land accidentally triggered the coming of the Whisperers. Keeping aside the fact, Eugene’s science project was a success, as he was able to contact Stephanie. Also, she refused to reveal any crucial details about her community. Regardless of this, Stephanie provoked immediately with the unlucky-in-love Eugene, and a meeting was arranged.

Walking dead series
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Eugene arrived late to the designated location, due to which it seemed like Stephanie’s people had already left. So he chose to turn his attention towards other potential lovers “out there” in the wilderness. But then we see floodlights soaking the train yard in bright beams and armed soldiers in white armour rushing to the group aggressively. Also, they were demanding them to disarm and throw their guns into feeble, amazed faces.

The White-Armored Soldiers Are The Commonwealth

As readers of Robert Kirkman’s original The Walking Dead, comic books might already have an idea. The soldiers were seizing Eugene’s group in the climax belonging to the Commonwealth. They are also the largest group that appears in the entire history of the main Walking Dead series.

Eugene group in trouble
Source: screenrant.com

The soldiers in white are theΒ  Commonwealth’s militarised police force. Also, from their armour and weapons, you can get an idea of the new community’s extensive resources. The matching white and red armour on their body is a stark difference to the bare metal plates of Hilltop and the Kingdom. In contrast, the soldiers’ assault rifles depict a significant upgrade on Alexandria’s scavenged mix-and-match arsenal of guns.

The whote-armoured soldiers
Source: gamespot.com

The Commonwealth’s can install floodlights with the help of a portable power source. This also reveals the extent of their technology and how their nation has developed in contrast to Alexandria.

The Commonwealth
Source: comic book.com


From the Walking Dead comic, we know that, aside from their military police. The people of the Commonwealth enjoy many comforts that are not there in the other world, which includes shops and cafes, sports arenas, concerts and a full judicial system. Also, at the top, there is a governor who rules over the entire Commonwealth.

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