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Wendy Williams Addresses Issues After The Strange Behavior She Portrayed On The Show

Source: Us Weekly

Wendy Williams Puts Her Statement After The Show’s Strange Behavior

During her morning show on Monday, Wendy Williams discussed recent rumours about her health and questions about her emotional well-being.

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The comments came after social media and Williams’ YouTube channel were overwhelmed with online comments after what many viewers thought was erratic behaviour during Friday’s broadcast.

Williams lost concentration several times during that show while speaking, trailing off or sometimes pausing awkwardly.Β  This prompted her director, Norman Baker, to attempt to turn her back on the subject. She got distracted by the music during the segment known as Hot Topics. Then mispronounced the name of Adele as “Ho-dele” when talking about the singer hosting Saturday Night Live. Before putting it back down, she also unwrapped a piece of hard candy at one point, as well as pausing mid-sentence to show off her outfit.

“I always say I love you for watching, ’cause really, really do. I come here every day, and try to do the best that I can for you,” she said.

“I appreciate you watching, but even after all of these years, it’s still work. An effort put in for the hour I’m out here, you know? I guess every day is not perfect, but I’m not a perfectionist. I’m not perfect.”

She added, “I do appreciate you putting in the effort to watch us, and I love entertaining you. You know? It’s not easy. It is not easy, you’re a tough crowd.”

Wendy Williams Finally Addresses The Concern Over Her Behavior

She addressed both critics and fans who were worried about her.

Source: OK! Magazine

After someone mentioned him (misspelling his name) in an Instagram comment about the show, the questions over her actions also reached DJ Boof, the show’s former DJ. One fan posted about her need for support and accused her of going back to drugs. Another said she ignored the pleas of people to take her health seriously.Β  The fan stated that was what prompted the DJ to quit the show.

DJ Boof then wrote beneath that post: “Yup exactly and it will all come out…Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs…this is going to play out bad…I feel sorry for the workers and victims.”

During her mea culpa, Williams did not specifically mention DJ Boof or anyone else by name. Before she unexpectedly revealed that he was fired in September, rumours recently circulated about a romantic relationship between Boof and Williams, replacing DJ Suss One, who previously worked with Mariah Carey.

Wendy’s Health Has Impacted The Show Before

The talk show host has been affected by health problems before. During her broadcast, she fainted in October 2017 ]. She claimed she was ‘overheated’ from her Halloween costume. She postponed demonstration tapings for three weeks the following February to resolve problems with Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism.

She said at the time, “You know I’ve had a struggle with cocaine in my past. I never went to a place to get the treatment. I don’t know how, except God was sitting on my shoulder, and I just stopped.”

Williams went public in March 2019 with the reality that she was living in a sober home.
The next month, despite reports that he was unfaithful and had a child with another woman, she filed for divorce from husband of 21 years.
More recently, before coming back to the show this September, Williams took more time off due to complications from her Graves’ disease.

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