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Wendy Williams Appears High On Live TV Show. Fans Are Disgusted!

Wendy Williams can not resist but to be a part of a great scandal. After her recent drama with NeNe, she recently appeared live on inebriated TV. According to the fans, she looked very much high on drugs. And she was even accused of self negotiating by many fans. However, there’s no information about it. But the way she looked and acted in the show is converting everyone if she is on medication. Or if she is taking some drugs. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Wendy Williams Is In Trouble Again?

The drama first started when the show posted its trailer with Wendy on their social media handle. In the video, she was talking about some pictures shown to her. Wendy looked high enough that she could barely understand what was going on. However, her supporters commented on the video claiming that she is on self-medication and they are very much concerned about it.


The video was captioned as β€œ@adele is making her return to #SNL for the first timeΒ in years this weekend. Are you disappointed she’s not performing? #adele.” Which explains that Wendy has been the part of the show after really long. And they are glad to have a star here with her. They even ask the fans if they are disappointed that she is not performing in the talk show.

Williams Was High?

Wendy Williams, who goes with Wendy Joan Williams, is a very famous American TV show host. She was the first appeared on the television in late 2008, and she got immense fame since then. He now hosts her show called the Wendy Williams Show. Apart from that, she is also a DJ and famous for being a part of the hottest tea and drama.

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Recently she was called out by her very own friend NeNe Leaks who was a part of β€˜the real housewives’. After NeNe recently quit the show, Wendy was a part there, and she was seen saying some terrible things about friend NeNe and that got her into a lot of trouble. And after that, she was a lot in the public eye. Fans expected things to be sorted, but things got even worst when she was seen high on the talk show that is watched by lakhs of people.

Fans Responses

Soon after the news was circulated all over the internet, Wendy had a tough time dealing with all of it. People from all over the world are trolling her in her Instagram posts saying that she doesn’t deserve the success since she does not know how to handle it. However, some of her friends did come in her support, but what do we expect now after she messed up again.


Some of the worst comments in her posts were saying that they are embarrassed by her, and she is cancelled. Even here, fans are not able to save her this time after what she does. Some fans even mentioned that many young children follow her show and if this is what she is teaching them. Then I’m this. It isn’t perfect for everyone.


However, Wendy didn’t respond to any of the comment or the situation. Instead, she chooses to be quite until everything gets alright. What do you think about the scandal she has been into lately?

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