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Wendy Williams Breaks Down In TearsΒ While Calling Her Show A Mess!

Wendy Williams Breaks Down In TearsΒ 
source: Radar Online

The American Television Host and a famous Media Personality, Wendy Williams, have been running her Show For the last 8 Years. The Show ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Is a show where the host Williams gives her honest, opinionated, and often-unpredictable take on the latest pop-culture and entertainment headlines. It is a fun show to watch, And if you haven’t watched it yet, Give It a try. However, it is believed that the Multi Personality Lady used to be a Drug Addict.

As a result, in a talk show, she revealed her Drug Addiction and the scars her addition left with her. Wendy is a Straight Forward Person and often gives Unwanted Opinions over Issues, which is logical and Justified. If You’re not aware, The American Host plans a Premiere Date for her Biopic Screening This Year. Unusual Behaviour? Hence let us find out more on the topic and get a clear insight. Therefore let us get started.

Wendy Williams Breaks Down In TearsΒ 

Wendy Williams Breaks Down In TearsΒ 
source: TMZ.com

The well-recognized Author and a Businesswoman broke down in tears At her show ‘The Wendy Williams Show.’ In an Episode, the Host Explained her Views and Thoughts to her Audience Regarding her Upcoming Biopic wholly based on her Life. The Upcoming Biopic Of Her holds a Special Place in her Heart. She Said, “Let me tell you something right now, and I will not cry cause it’s very emotional. Bernie, me, and all the top people at Lifetime- we have a date for the coming out. I don’t want to say.

“I’ll say this. You’ll see advertisements the Saturday after Thanksgiving…” Wendy hardly belived in her as she stated that People Will Hate her After Watching the Biopic as she said a lot in it. Later she got emotional and slapped her face saying, “Oh wow, that’s loud. Oh my god. What the slappy black is going on?”Bernie is Wendy’s manager who showed Believe in her by saying her audience will love her even after the release of the Biopic.

Further, Williams Appreciated the leads saying I spilt my truth. That is it. That is it. And the actors and actress in the movie, they did the best.

Wendy Williams Inappriote Behaviour

Wendy Williams Breaks Down In TearsΒ 
Source: TooFab’s

On Friday, Williams arrived on her Show, ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ But with a weird Attitude. The Renowned Host wore an All Black Leather made Outfit and Topped the look with Black Branded shoes. There was an odd change in her Behavior as She Weirdly raised her Eyebrows and Gazed at the Audience for a while. The host seemed a Bit Relaxed as he grabbed her seat. The Show was Started by glorifying Rick Ross Carrer and Popularity. During the “Hot Topics” segment, The Author Misprounced the name of Famous singer Adele and Called her “Hodel” and Jealous Too ‘Mealous.’ As A result, it shooked Audience and others, and it was evident that Wendy is Not Well.

Wendy’s A Drug Addict Or She’s Suffering From A Disease?

One Of her Followers took it to Twitter to break the news to the public, while most are unaware of it. She Stated, “Before assuming that #wendywilliams is high or drunk, remember that she has Graves’ disease. It can affect you cognitively.”. Graves disease is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). However, several conditions may result in hyperthyroidism; Graves’ disease is a common cause.Β 

Wendy Williams Calling Her Show A Mess

Wendy Williams Breaks Down In TearsΒ 
Source: TVLine

Season 12 of the Show is being Aired, and in an Emotional Segment, the Host called her Show A Mess. “I’m so happy to be back. It’s been a long seven months for us here at Wendy, and I’m sure for you too. You know it’s been since March… and what a mess.” She said. Whereas Windy Also stated, “This is such a stupid show. When I watch it back later in the afternoon, I watch with a critical eye, but I watch and say, what a mess.”

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