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Wendy William’s Friend Madina Accused ’Real Housewives’ Star NeNe Leaks For Cheating On Her Husband With A Rapper.

What is happening, you guys? Wendy Williams best friend came forward and bashed former real housewives star NeNe for hooking up with a committed rapper. This is just too much drama to handle. She uploaded a whole video talking about everything Nene has done. With Wendy Williams gets involved. What’s worst here in the fact that NeNe was married at that point and they have caught her cheating on her husband several times. And if you think that this was it then you wrong, it was just the beginning. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Wendy Williams And NeNe Leaks Drama

The news first came up when Wendy Williams friend Milana took to her Instagram to leak all the details and allegations against NeNe. She started with the allegation, where she cheated on her husband by hooking up with an influential rapper. Milana says that ‘do you remember the part NeNe where you were letting the French man touch you all over’. She then mentions that NeNe has even called her and Wendy Williams to meet her and they did. However, now she is coming after people who once helped her. And hence here she is leaking all the secrets.


With what we understand is NeNe has been playing games with both Wendy and Milana, and she got what she deserved according to Milana. And it didn’t stop here. Madina went full-on leaking all her secrets. She claimed that NeNe has been cheating on her husband for a long time. And she comes for others as if she has not done anything. Madina calls her ‘thirsty’ in the video that she posted on her social media.

Madina Gets Involved

Soon after the video was posted, it went viral to an extent where people and other celebs couldn’t stop but get involved it is as well. Celebrities including Jack Thriller, Zab Judah, and many others commented their reactions on the posts. Fans reactions showed that they still couldn’t believe what exactly was happening. Everyone had mixed reactions about it. However, both Wendy and Madina went on explaining all the bad thing NeNe has done.

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Talking about NeNe Leaks, she has been the member of ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’. She has been the part of the show since season one. However, she isn’t anymore as she recently announced that she would be back to her network to do her things. Leaks mentioned in several interviews that is has not at all been easy for her to leave the show that has given her so much. She was very emotional while sharing it. However, we might see her as a guest several times.

What Exactly Happened

The whole drama started when NeNe saw Williams o the show. And there she was talking very negatively about NeNe who she calls her close friend. Williams mentions that it’s good NeNe left the show since she was making everything very dull. And this burst NeNe out remarkably and she started coming out from Williams.


After which in her interview, she showed her grief towards her very own friend Williams. And that she is not at all happy for what she did. Where she talked very negatively about her as well, and in Williams support, Madina came up attacking NeNe. What do you think about it?

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