Westworld Season 3: Is Misleading Followers By Being More Facile?

The cover of the all new season of the Westworld.

About Westworld

First and foremost let us talk about Westworld. It is an American Science Fiction television series. HBO produced it in October 2016. Especially broadcasted by HBO too. Surprisingly, visitors are interacting with automatons.Β Undoubtedly, its IMDb rating is 8.7 / 10. Along with various awards such asΒ  Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and more.Β 

Westworld: What Is The Reality?

The audience is highly dissatisfied because of the new surprising twist and turns. Without any doubt, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy created it. It has earned excellent reviews and the audience’s appreciation.Β 

Season three was aired in March 2020. The audience is still trying to decode which mind Dolores had installed in the new host bodies. Along with the audience scratching their heads. The audience was focusing on Angela and Teddy, Dolores, Clementine and Peter Abernathy. Nevertheless, it was no one from that list.Β 

A scene from the Westworld Season 3.

About Episode 4

In season 3, every new host has seen housing the copied version of Dolores. Without any doubt, Dolores was very close to stopping her. This was disturbing for the audience.Β 

Secondly, Nolan and Joy learned a lot about due to the previous two seasons. This uniquely created a reverse fan following.Β 

The narrator was split into multiple points. This happened in season 1. Dolores made her journey towards self-actualization on her own. Contrary to which was shown. William had perfectly evolved himself into a dangerous Man in Black.

A scene from episode 4 of the Westworld season 3.

On the other hand, various leaks filled social media platforms. Sadly, all the suspense was spilt over the table due to this. Apart from this, the directors and the creators went into an evident shock.Β 

Furthermore, due to this scenario, they confessed these facts openly to their fans. Watching Westworld is always enjoyable though exhausting. Especially with so many characters around, it became highly tricky for the fans to differentiate the actual robot.Β Β 

Westworld creators are enjoying themselves. It is very puzzling for the fans. It is very complicated for the audience. Each scene has a new development. They have lost sight of their characters. Last but not least, this is disheartening. Moreover, I hope for the best.

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